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Turkey Tail Paddenstoel Poeder | MB Superfoods | Elfenbankje

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  • Gebruik een halve theelepel fijngemalen en subtiel gearomatiseerd poeder; roer eenvoudig door uw gewenste shakes, smoothies, yoghurt of soepen; Geen enkele suikers, biologisch, veganistisch, geen GGO’s.
  • Gezonde, slimme paddenstoelen: Levensvatbaar in het bos gekweekt, biologisch gecertificeerd in China, vanuit onze boerderij, naar jou verstuurd.


Wat is Turkey Tail | Trametis Versicolor

De soepele smaak en het gemakkelijk te mengen poeder Maakt Turkey Tail van MB Superfoods perfect gemaakt om je favoriete drankjes en eten een boost te geven.

Dit voedingssupplement is een makkelijke manier om maaltijden en snacks te verbeteren. Turkey Tail levert bijvoorbeeld cellulaire voedingsstoffen zoals vitamine B.

Houdbaar en gemaakt van gevriesdroogde, geactiveerde Turkey Tail paddenstoel mycelium (zwamvlokken).

MB Superfoods gecertificeerde biologische paddenstoelen worden duurzaam geteeld in China. Er zitten geen vullers of andere toevoegingen in ons poeder. Het is echt 100% biologisch Turkey Tail poeder.

Dit product is een must-have

Turkey Tail is een fantastisch product en we zijn trots om u een product aan te bieden van de beste kwaliteit. Koop vandaag nog het MB Superfoods Turkey Tail Paddestoelpoeder!

  • Paddenstoel
  • Elfenbankje (Trametes versicolor)
  • Met PolySacharide-Peptide (PSP)
  • Bevat PolysSacharide-Kucha (PSK)
  • Zonder GMO’s of pesticiden

Belangrijke informatie


100% Biologisch en 100% Turkey Tail (Trametes Versicolor) mycelium paddenstoelpoeder. Organisch geteeld zonder bestrijdingsmiddelen.


Je kunt het MB SuperFoods Turkey Tail Organicsch paddenstoelpoeder op veel manieren gebruiken. Voeg dit supplement toe aan uw favoriete maaltijden of drankjes en ondersteun op natuurlijke wijze de gezondheid.

Je kunt een afgestreken theelepel toevoegen aan je recepten, favoriete koffie of je smoothies. Dit staat ongeveer gelijk aan 2 gram. Gebruik voor het beste resultaat dagelijks twee theelepels, het equivalent van 4 gram.

Neem een halve theelepel 1-3 keer per dag gemixt met je favoriete gerecht, of in wat yoghurt of een smoothie. Aanbevolen dagelijkse hoeveelheid niet overtreden.

Koel en droog bewaren. Zak goed sluiten. Buiten bereik van kinderen houden.

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Koop je truffels online en discreet bij de MicrodoseBros.nl. Magische Truffels bevatten hoge hoeveelheden psilocybine.

Populaire varianten en soorten zijn verkrijgbaar in onze online store.

Bezoek voor al je vragen onze Instagram pagina voor meer info. Ons team staat voor je klaar om al je vragen te beantwoorden!

36 beoordelingen voor Turkey Tail Paddenstoel Poeder | MB Superfoods | Elfenbankje

  1. Audrey

    I purchased this for it’s immune system boosting properties. I ordered multiple different mushrooms at the same time so I haven’t tried this one yet. I’m introdcing them one at a time. I’ve always been happy with my Bulk Supplements purchases.

  2. Schmitz

    Awesome product

  3. Nicole

    Gives me energy throughout the day and an overall better sense of well being. I’ve taken multivitamins in the past and noticed less effects from those than this supplement. I’d recommend it!

  4. Ann W. Lemire

    Add to my morning coffee. Delicious taste and notable improvements in my health in 2 months of use.

  5. Powell

    Great price and fast delivery. The product is for our dog that has cancer.

  6. Mark Wigginton

    I add this to my smoothie every morning. I noticed a huge difference right away in my gut health.

  7. Martinez

    A lot of mushrooms are given molasses in their growth medium these days and I couldn’t be happier about it. The flavor is nice, a bit like brown sugar.

  8. Mansfield

    I can’t say enough good things about this product! I use it everyday! In coffee, smoothies, teas, or soup! Double the dose and double the benefits!

  9. Mason

    YUM YUM! Wonderful pop of dense nutrition for any meal. I have tossed this into rice, mushrooms, soups, blends nicely.

  10. Renner

    I expected it to taste much much worse, but has a palatable earthy, almost nutty flavor. I add it to a glass of almond/cashew/rice milk. It works. Will order again.

  11. Steven

    Using for relief of osteoarthritis pain. It has reduced the intnsity of pain to a tolerable level.

  12. Harriet

    Service is great. I am mixing it with my coffee every day. Tastes great.

  13. Cuadrado

    I did a little research on turkey tail mushrooms and found them to be harmless. They’ve been used in Eastern medicine for ages. I’m all for any help I can get for my immune system. Being eco-friendly and organic is a big plus. It smells a little like mushrooms but only faintly, not bad at all. Easy to swallow & has a pleasant appearance.

  14. Paul C.

    I use this product for immune support as a cancer survivor. Mix it with my morning protein shake and down the road I go. Good value.

  15. Bruce L. Freitas

    I am just starting to take this during the covid pandemic to give my immune system a boost. This is a 1-month supply and you need to take 3 per day to get the best benefit. I am very impressed with the quality. I use my nose a lot to see if supplements are fresh and this one passes the test! I smells wonderfully “mushroomy”.

  16. Thomas

    Diesel loves it. I’m giving him 4 scoops a day treating some aggressive cancer.
    I’m hopeful and prayerfully optimistic.
    We’re on our 4th order with More on the way.

  17. Bernal

    That was the point I started adding Turkey Tail and Reishi mycelium extract to her food…Within a week, I was able to drop all her other meds and up her food intake to double and triple what she was able to tolerate before.

  18. Lisa

    The product is of good quality, flavorless really, and effective. No fillers. Seller was prompt with delivery, and package arrived intact.

  19. Vernon

    Was recommended the turkey tail for immune boost by a friend and gave it a try. You do often feel an internal lift and clarity of mind after taking some. Perhaps the best part is that the taste is not off-putting at all, and actually goes quite naturally with coffee to the point that I want to have that pleasant additional nuttiness in my mug each morning

  20. Shaw

    Beauty & Weight Management, Energy & Fitness, Overall Health, Memory & Focus, Stress Relief & Sleep, Immune Support

  21. Curtis

    I’ve bought from this company before and this seemed a decent price. Some of the other Turkey Tail supplements stress they are “flowering bodies”. This doesn’t. But I think it is helping. I stir it and a mushroom turmeric blend into my morning coffee and I enjoy that one cup very much.

  22. Guerra

    Originally used for health claims, but now I need it to get the right flavors in broths. The bulk packaging ended up being the easiest to use for bulk cooking.

  23. James M. Berry

    The product is fresh and has a very long shelf life and use by date.

  24. Jane

    The taste is not the most important, the benefits are. Try it!!

  25. Susan R. Denker

    This is a great value. I’m using Blate Papes to consume which I highly recommend for ease of consumption.

  26. Nancy

    Love the convenience and price of the bulk buy. Much easier to just sprinkle on my dogs food than trying to get my dog to swallow a pill or having to open capsules.

  27. Cathy

    Turkey Tail acts as a powerful immunity supporter & it can be your immune defence secret weapon.

  28. Guerra

    Tastes a bit like toast when mixed with plain water, not unpleasant and I don’t even need a chaser afterward.

  29. Martinez

    I wanted something that would help me during chemo. I want to say it helped but could not be 100% on that. Chemo kills everything inside you. I did make it out though and my insides seem to be doing well. Who knows?

  30. Henderson

    I love this turkey tail. makes me feel so good and tastes great!

  31. Vernon

    Miraculous results treating my French Bulldogs tumor. 2 different vets wanted to operate on a tumor the size of a walnut. I researched and found that Turkey Tail cane help with some tumors. Started giving it to my dog in February and now May 30, the tumor is nearly gone. Very happy.

  32. Audrey

    This stuff is amazing. Mixes easily in anything. No real taste. My dogs get in on their daily (goop) yogurt/cottage cheeze/reishi/turkeytail/spirulina/salmon oil. They lap it up and love it.

  33. Susan

    Great company. Very thorough consistency ground up very fine so it mixes in any drink very easily. Very happy to have found this company. Very affordable.

  34. John T

    Without question, this is a high quality product from a very good company. They clearly put their heart and soul into creating amazing mushroom supplements.

  35. Debra M. Cardona

    I am using this superfood powder to enhance my daily nutritional shakes with immune building substances….As I get older, I want to focus on more natural remedies to boost my health. It tastes great! I’ve also used it to make a super nutritious, immune boosting hot cocoa!!!!

  36. Denker

    I have been taking turkey tail for several years now and swear by its health properties. This way I can get the mushroom in larger amounts without going broke. Thank you for your products!

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