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Cordyceps Biologisch Paddenstoelpoeder | MB Superfoods

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  • Elk zakje bevat 100 gram MB Superfoods Cordyceps Biologisch Paddenstoelpoeder
  • Dit product is 100% biologisch
  • Lactose- en glutenvrij.
  • Veganistisch
  • Wordt geleverd in composteerbare Stazak.


Wat is Cordyceps Biologisch Paddenstoelpoeder?

Cordyceps Biologisch Paddenstoelpoeder (Nederlands: Rupsendoder) is een voedingssupplement. De paddenstoel die je op weg helpt! Cordyceps vindt zijn oorsprong in de hoge berggebieden van China.


100% Biologisch gecertificeerd Cordyceps Paddenstoelpoeder.

Biologische paddenstoelen bevatten net als andere paddenstoelen of champignons een breed spectrum aan natuurlijke voedingsstoffen. Zo zitten er bijvoorbeeld bèta-glucanen, spijsverteringsenzymen, antioxidanten, aminozuren, eiwitten, peptiden, lectines, polyfenolen, flavonoïden en seleniumverbindingen in Cordyceps Paddenstoelpoeder.

Vrij van

Alle producten zijn 100% natuurlijk en gecertificeerd biologisch, niet-GMO, veganistisch, paleo, glutenvrij, zuivelvrij, soja-vrij, geen zoetstoffen, geen vulstoffen, geen toevoegingen, geen conserveringsmiddelen of iets kunstmatigs.

Gewoon natuurlijk is het beste!


Je kunt het Cordyceps Paddenstoelpoeder  op veel manieren gebruiken. Voeg dit supplement bijvoorbeeld toe aan uw favoriete maaltijden of drankjes.

Allereerst kun je een theelepel toevoegen aan je kookkunsten. Spaghetti, rijstgerechten, of omeletten. Daarnaast kun je het bijvoorbeeld door je favoriete koffie roeren, of door smoothies heen blenden.

We raden je aan om dagelijks een theelepel (2 gram) Cordyceps Biologisch Paddenstoelpoeder toe te voegen aan je favoriete sap, smoothie of recept.

Dit komt overeen met 2 gram. Gebruik voor het beste resultaat dagelijks twee theelepels, gelijk aan 4 gram. 1 Theelepel bevat 5 kilocalorien. We raden u aan om de eerste drie weken een dubbele dosis te nemen.

NB: Aanbevolen dagelijkse hoeveelheid niet overschrijden. Gezonde voeding is de basis van een gezond dieet. De zak koel, droog, en buiten het bereik van kinderen bewaren.

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32 beoordelingen voor Cordyceps Biologisch Paddenstoelpoeder | MB Superfoods

  1. Nicholson

    This is really delicious. I add a couple of shakes of powdered cinnamon and a little cream and it is so good. Knowing it is healthy is just a bonus!

  2. Nicholson

    THank you, I Love this product-
    Keeps mew alert and I know it is healthy for my cognitive functions-
    I trust Laird and his products- and I will be reordering this in a bigger size next time.
    Very satisfied and highest recommend for quality! 100 STARS!

  3. Nelson

    It doesn’t taste bad just powdery. I believe the benefits outweigh the inconveniences

  4. Stokes

    Great product but very inaccurate amount of servings on package. Says 45 teaspoons, but it is less than 30.

  5. Jorge Harrison

    I tried a different brand from Z Natural Foods and it was quite a bit cheaper and had a couple extra mushrooms in it. I didn’t like it at all. I ended up reading the fine print of this other brand only to find that it had a California prop 65 warning. There was an additional ingredient called MALTODEXTRIN plus all of the ingredients were grown and dried in China. I ended up throwing it away. So I went back to this brand, the Laird superfood performance. And through the other junk away

  6. Ayala

    Doesn’t mix well at all. I just switched to throwing a spoonful right into my mouth and swig some milk. But I do like this product

  7. Quinn

    I take a serving of this when I work out or train Jiu Jitsu and I notice a big difference from the times I take it and times I don’t. It does change the flavor of whatever you mix it in but it is not always bad. I think this was the third or fourth time that I have purchased it. Thank you Laird for making a great product.

  8. Molly

    Great product. Found out about it in Kauai, then found out that it was a local Oregon product. Originally for Performance athletics, helps with Stamia for the older generation. Glad it is on Amazon, now that the World is not traveling so much due to COVID.

  9. Microdose Bros

    Wow! It does the job and more. I’m full of energy after a scoop of this in my morning coffee!

  10. John L.

    I bought this on a whim but it was inspired by the good things I had heard about mushrooms as a supplement. As an “old school” college football player I have been suspecting that I was experiencing CTE symptoms. I believe that adding this supplement to my AM superfood shake has increased my energy level & decreased some brain fog I was experiencing. I have added more mushroom supplements to my diet but will continue to use this product as well. It has had a very positive impact on my life.

  11. Mildred R

    I use this in my morning coffee and I have noticed over the last few weeks more focus and more energy throughout my day.

  12. Delores

    Great product comparable too Shroom Tech from onnit. I mixed with my coffee in the morning for a week and noticed substantial increase in energy and slightly better mood some days. I do have depression (who doesn’t) but my is sometimes debilitating and I waste a whole day in bed. I have a creative job and I need that push to keep going and this was very helpful.

  13. Bradley E. Hall

    Great product! Great mental clarity, energy and focus! Highly recommend

  14. Graves

    I follow a make up artist who shared the link to this and I’m so happy I did!! I stopped drinking coffee last fall and it’s been hard to find it’s equal! I always lacked stamina coffee gave me (and not to mention missed the coffee experience).

  15. Quinn

    This is such a great product. I’ve tried the energy blends that have caffeine and did not like the stimulant feeling and crash. Because there is no caffeine is this mix it’s the perfect solution replacement for even keel calm energy that last all day and keeps my mood and motivation high !! I split the dose and take half a teasooon in the am and another 1/2 in the afternoon I’ve always wanted a solution for my ADD without taking harsh drugs and this is it , like I said I’ve tried a few other blends and this is by far the best one

  16. William P.

    Love this product. We add it to our coffee almost every morning for an extra energy boost. It really works! Feel much more energized, think clearer and get way more done when I use it as opposed to just drinking plain coffee. The taste isn’t that bad either, it compliments the taste of coffee well.

  17. Kelly

    Great for decreasing brain fog and increasing cognition

  18. Paul

    Mixes perfectly. Cleared brain fog.

  19. Samuel

    Love this product! It’s part of my daily routine

  20. Zones Colings

    I originally bought this brand last year and loved it. It doesn’t mix in very well into hot drinks but that’s okay. I drink mine with my tea.
    The Taste is very good. If it’s the first time you’re trying it it may take a few times drinking it to acquire the taste but I never minded it from the beginning. Very healthy.

  21. Robert Zones

    Great product comparable too Shroom Tech from onnit. I mixed with my coffee in the morning for a week and noticed substantial increase in energy and slightly better mood some days. I do have depression (who doesn’t) but my is sometimes debilitating and I waste a whole day in bed. I have a creative job and I need that push to keep going and this was very helpful.
    Cons mixed well with warm had to use the blender for cold. A little grit never hurts, and the bag is small this won’t get me past 2 weeks I like a mint supply so I don’t run out

  22. Matthew

    I like, all ingredients are natural and no filler n fluff, just wish you get a little more in comparison to the price

  23. Mildred R

    This stuff would be fine in protein shake as that has a thicker consistency, but in coffee it’s horrible.

  24. Carter

    Tried it for the first day today. I actually used 1x HEAPED tsp in my coffee, and then another heaped tsp in my smoothie. I think it’s working pretty well. I have been getting foggy brain recently quite often, and I feel like it is helping me personally. It doesn’t really taste of much, only downside is that it is a bit chalky. It doesn’t have mixing/dissolving abilities. So, as I get to the bottom of my cup I do taste the grittiness of the blend. It’s not bad. I will 100% be ordering it again and it will become apart of my regular routine.

  25. Waller

    First, I’m not a big fan of the taste of mushrooms. However, I found this to just taste like a extra savory broth. I mix into hot water and use a hand frother to mix. I immediately start to feel as if the fog is lifting after I sip it. I will definitely buy again.

  26. Scott L. Judd

    No strong mushroomy taste, added to my coffee every morning for a nutritional boost during this Covid isolation. Keep stirring as you drink, or it settles in your cup!

  27. Windy Hogs

    Love this simple to use powder supplement. I add it to my coffee ☕️ every morning. I feel it helps my focus, energy levels also immune system. This is my third month on the product and will continue taking from here on out.

  28. Sandra

    I feel energized after I put a teaspoon of this product in my coffee.

  29. John L.

    I bought this to mix in with my morning coffee, along with some Dandy Blend, coconut oil & ghee + creamer. Super yummy & I definitely noticed a longer energy, but not jittery at all. The mushrooms & dandy blend settle to the bottom, but all I have to do it swirl it, to be able to drink it.

  30. Dashner

    Hoping for improvements in my health with this easy to use formulation.

  31. Sherman

    Even though the bag was a little small, this stuff packs a punch. I’ve definitely noticed my energy rising. I put it in my coffee every morning

  32. Siobhan

    So far great product hope it works

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