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Matcha Groene Theepoeder | MB Superfoods | Zachte & Subtiele Smaak

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  • 100% Premium hoogwaardige Matcha Groene Thee uit Japan
  • Geteeld zonder het gebruik van pesticiden.
  • 137x meer EGCG (een antioxidant) dan in gewone groene thee
  • Verpakt in een composteerbare papieren zak
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100% Matcha Groene Theepoeder | MB Superfoods

Japanse Matcha Groene Theepoeder is gemaakt van pure en hoogwaardige groene theebladeren. Deze komen van een biologische boerderij in Japan. De groene thee is gemalen tot een ultra-fijn poeder.

Matcha is al lang een heel bekend middel. In de oudheid gebruikten monniken Matcha om hun welzijn en mentale concentratie tijdens meditatie te ondersteunen. Het is namelijk rijk aan anti-oxidanten. Anti-Oxidanten helpen bij het herstel van het lichaam en remmen het verouderingsproces.

Onze theekenners brengen zorgvuldig geselecteerde bladeren van onze partner-familieboerderij samen om een unieke, goed gebalanceerde smaak te creëren die nergens anders ter wereld te vinden is.

Dit is beste Matcha die je ooit hebt geproefd, zonder twijfel. Dit pure groene theepoeder is ideaal voor de bereiding van traditionele Matcha met behulp van een kom en shaker. Het heeft alles wat je wilt tijdens een traditionele Matcha-ceremonie: natuurlijke zoetheid en zachte Umami-smaak, een fris, rijk aroma en een levendige groene ondertoon.

De stazak is composteerbaar en bevat 100 gram.


Meng een halve afgestreken theelepel Matcha Groene Theepoeder met heet water of melk. Je kunt het bijvoorbeeld ook toevoegen aan een smoothie of yoghurt.


100% Biologische Japanse Matcha Groene Theepoeder.

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39 beoordelingen voor Matcha Groene Theepoeder | MB Superfoods | Zachte & Subtiele Smaak

  1. Gonzales

    Wanted to use matcha powder in my morning smoothie for its antioxidants. I had read you can tell the quality of matcha by its color- this has a wonderful bright green color. Had tried another brand and it was a brownish green- received a refund for it and ordered this one. Will definitely order again!

  2. Parris

    This is a great product! The color, aroma and flavor are outstanding. It mixes easily and tastes wonderful. This is a perfect alternative to those nasty, sugary, chemical filled “energy” drinks.

  3. Jose S. Brown

    I’ve bought all sorts of Matcha Tea and really do only want the best with good properties and flavour. This is a great price for getting a very high quality product. I make Matcha latte’s every day with either organic milk, coconut or almond milk and it’s delicious every time. I don’t drink coffee anymore as it gives me the jitters now, whereas Matcha tea gives you energy with no jitters and no ‘come down crash’. It also makes me more mentally alert than coffee does.

  4. Jill C. Bass

    Very good product. I use it every day in my protein shakes to help me with my workouts and to sustain my energy, which it does.

  5. Williams

    This is working for me in my smoothies as well as meals I prepare at home!

  6. Edith

    I’m a newbie to green tea. Based on reviews that I had read, I went with this one. Excellent decision by me. This one taste great, that’s all I can say about it. I did used to work at Peet’s Coffee and Tea, and there is matcha there, but this one is much better than I recall Peet’s matcha being.

  7. Cox

    Great staple to stash in your purse or in your office drawer for days when you need a boost. The size is smaller than expected, and you really need a wisk and bowl, but I feel the price, quality, and benefits are well worth it. It takes a while to get use to the smell and taste, but like all healthy things, it does a body good. The only recommendation to the vendor is to have a better sealing ziplock. It spilled all over my purse one day, and was a waste of good product.

  8. Laura

    I loved the taste and quality of this matcha, I have up to 2-3 cups a day! I just wish the packaging was better because the powder sticks to the inside. Otherwise, I am satisfied and feeling energized!

  9. Zones Colings

    I like this product.

  10. Cheryl C

    This is my first time using Matcha tea. I bought it to help with energy and focus. I do feel a difference after drinking the tea – I don’t feel as tired or sluggish which definitely helps with my concentration.

  11. Waller

    Love this! It’s authentic japanese ceremonial matcha at it’s finest. It taste so good with lime. Love the effects it gives me after drinking it. I will definitely order again.

  12. Mary A.

    I like the product and it works better than coffee for me…coffee for me is good but make me pee a lot..lol…Matcha is perfect

  13. Joseph

    I loved the taste so rich but yet soft at the same time, very smooth and the color is amazing. The package was kind of small for those ppl that drink alot of matcha but for me it was good since I don’t drink alot of matcha. Who knows maybe after this I will change my mind, then again I dont know how long package will last. I loved it!

  14. Daniel

    supposedly you’re just supposed to cook with this, but let me tell you, this is the best thing i”ve ever tasted. I can’t wait to try their ceremonial.

  15. Brown

    Product is good, and I learned a valuable lesson, in the future, I will ignore the photo and look at the weight.

  16. Rebecca

    It’s smaller than what I expected; It’s a small pouch so if you drink Matcha daily, this pouch won’t last very long (I use 1 tsp each cup and I drink 2 cups per day). 5 star because for the price i think it’s good quality.

  17. Tina K.

    I have wanted to try Matcha because of all of the great health benefits. This matcha has a very vibrant green color and the smell is amazing! This is very healthy compared to regular green tea bags. Taste great and I am enjoying it very much. This is the key to good health!

  18. Shumaker

    I love this brand. Tastes great and the matcha is bright green in color. I once ordered a different brand because this one was not in stock. The color of the matcha wasn’t bright green. I know it isn’t fresh because if I don’t use up this matcha in a month or two, I see the green color fading. Don’t have quality issue with this one.

  19. M. Smith

    I’ve never tried Matcha until I bought this product. It tastes delicious, the flavor of the green tea is very smooth and wonderful. This is worth every penny! You won’t be disappointed! I’m buying it again.

  20. John T

    Really liked this brand! Tasted great. Would get clunky sometimes even after mixing a lot, but that’s easy to solve–I used a filter before pouring into my mug. Wish the serving size was greater, but guess this stuff is usually packaged that way.

  21. Ray D.

    Great product. Fantastic taste. Ordering my next one now.

  22. Morrissey

    Great mild flavour! I purchased this “Eco Matcha” and another brand called “Jade Leaf” I actually expected the Jade Leaf to be the best quality (I don’t know why. Packaging or hype…), but after using both side-by-side the Eco Matcha was very noticeably milder and better flavour.

  23. William P.

    I needed a good quality matcha to make vegan dessert. This matcha tastes wonderful and I made a delicious dessert. Highly recommended.

  24. Hunt

    Bland on it’s own, better when mixed into smoothies. Japan knows more about green tea than me 🙂

  25. Amy W

    This matcha is delicious! Bright green, no clumps, and great flavor. Will be purchasing again. I just wish they sold it in 200g packages.

  26. Mize

    Delicious and easy to make. More consistent level of energy throughout my day and only drinking one cup in the morning. Love it!

  27. Claudia

    This a nice tasting Matcha, not too earthy. I really love having in in the mornings or adding it to my smoothies.

  28. Francine

    If your a Matcha lover but can’t get over the cost of some brands, this is by far the best quality and quantity for your money. I’ve been blending it with almond milk or soy milk for Matcha Late at home, and for heath benefits, after my first cup of coffee in the morning I drink Matcha (late) through the rest of the day. It makes a difference in my concentration and sustained energy through the day.

  29. Brantley

    I have to say that this is excellent quality matcha! Love the smell and it is delicious in lattes and smoothies. The health benefits that you get from matcha is amazing!

  30. Kelly D.

    I used to work at a plant based smoothie bar and we would use this matcha for customers drinks. I can’t find any other matcha like this one. It is absolutely pure and rich and fine!!! The color of the matcha is on point and it looks how it should. This is how real Matcha should taste. It’s amazing people don’t miss out !

  31. William

    I was really skeptical of purchasing Matcha online because there’s so many with mixed reviews, this Matcha is worth the price. I got really tired of spending 5-6$ multiple times a week to meet my cravings and now I can make my own lattes at home. Good quality and taste 👍

  32. Rodney K. Veilleux

    So so good. Can’t say much more than that, but keep in mind it says powder. and that’s exactly the bag it comes in. Might end up with matcha powder scattered in your kitchen. But worth every penny.

  33. Wheeler

    I wish just a little bit bigger but this is at a great price too. Just used it for a dairy- free latte and tasted great with organic maple sugar as sweetener

  34. Erazo

    I wanted to wait to finish this package until I placed a review. My friend recommended matcha to me and this brand seemed like a good quality so I decided to give it a try. I’ve really enjoyed it! I was apprehensive since I’ve heard this has effects similar to caffeine. I don’t respond well to caffeine, but was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t experience any of those issues. I didn’t notice an increase in energy, but I have been taking 1/2 tsp instead of a full teaspoon. I would use this to make tea by first shaking 1/2 tsp in room temperature water and adding warm water to that. I decided to start drinking matcha because of the ritual and I found it to be a slow and mindful way to start the day. The taste isn’t too bitter and has a creamy texture. I was happy with this purchase and the experience.

  35. Mark D.

    This matcha was a very vibrant green color and the smell is amazing! I love the fact that it doesn’t give me the jitters like coffee (although I do STILL llove coffee too) and the energetic feeling lasts significantly longer than coffee. My only issues are I wish the packaging was a can or something easier to seal without the worry of puffing green tea powder in your face. The other thing is that there was NO nutrition label or information. Other than that, everything was great. Despite my small dislikes, I don’t feel that it had any impact on the products flavor or quality. Still delicious!

  36. Cynthia

    This is my second time ordering this Matcha, the second batch is just as good as the first. No complaints here! If you’re a Matcha lover like myself, I highly recommend this Eco Heed brand!

  37. Murph

    Great quality, I truly enjoyed my first cup of green tea. I included it smoothies usually. The package is keeping the tea fresh. Will definitely buy it again from the vendor. Recommend it.

  38. Paula

    Way better taste than other matcha I’ve tried. Good even energy boost that lasts longer than coffee but with a smoother kick than coffee

  39. Delmar

    Good matcha. I combine my match with cold water and blend it for few sec to get the matcha powder nicely dissolved.

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