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Ashwagandha Poeder | MB Superfoods

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  • 100% Biologisch Ashwagandha Wortelpoeder (Withania somnifera) – Bevat 100 gram per zak
  • 100% rauw geïmporteerd uit India: deze zak bevat gecertificeerd biologisch, 100% rauw en natuurlijk Ashwagandha-wortelpoeder uit India.
  • Gecertificeerd Biologisch: Al onze producten zijn biologisch gecertificeerd door de Europese Unie. Let op het EU-biologische keurmerk op onze producten!
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100% Biologisch Ashwagandha Poeder | MB Superfoods

De Ashwagandha-plant staat bekend als een van de krachtigste kruiden van Ayurveda. In het Sanskriet betekent Ashwagandha ‘de geur van een paard’. Dit onderstreept dat het kruid een potentie heeft die gelijk staat aan de kracht en standvastigheid van een hengst. Daarnaast heeft de Ashwagandha-wortel een geur die doet denken aan paardenzweet.


Biologisch Ashwagandha Poeder 100% puur.

Vrij van

Alle producten zijn 100% natuurlijk en gecertificeerd biologisch, niet-GMO, veganistisch, paleo, glutenvrij, zuivelvrij, soja-vrij, geen zoetstoffen, geen vulstoffen, geen toevoegingen, geen conserveringsmiddelen of iets kunstmatigs. 

Gewoon natuurlijk is het beste!

Ashwagandha toevoegen aan uw dagelijkse dieet

Volgens Ayurveda zijn onze lichamen verweven met en van het voedsel dat we eten. De voedingsstoffen die we binnenkrijgen, worden omgezet in de energie en informatie die onze cellen, weefsels en organen vormen. Ons lichaam heeft essentiële vitamines, mineralen en andere voedingsstoffen nodig om elke dag dit delicate evenwicht van het lichaam te behouden.

Ashwagandha wordt meestal genomen als een fijn poeder vermengd met honing of Ghee. In westerse landen wordt het meestal in capsulevorm ingenomen.

De typische aanbevolen dosis is 500 tot 1.000 milligram (0.5-1 gram). Mensen die kampen met slapeloosheid en angst kunnen voor het slapengaan een kop warme melk met een theelepel Ashwagandha nemen. Dit kan in poedervorm of door middel van een capsule. Je kunt zo je gezonde nachtrust ondersteunen.

  • Als je een pasta gemaakt van het Ashwagandha poeder plaatselijk aanbrengt, ondersteunt het de afweer van de huid.
  • Ashwagandha wordt vaak “Indiase ginseng” genoemd, ook al zijn ginseng (gember) en Ashwagandha, botanisch niet verwant.

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30 beoordelingen voor Ashwagandha Poeder | MB Superfoods

  1. Bryant

    I bought this after contacting Terrasoul about whether they test for heavy metals. They stated that they do and
    provided all the info on their testing requirements. I was satisfied with that and also with the product.
    Many people don’t realize that even though a product can be organic, it can still have lead, cadmium, etc. because

  2. Donald

    Taking this at night really helps. I mix it with a little warm water and down it.. Normally I toss and turn for a while before finding sleep as my body feels active still. After taking this, I’ve noticed that my body’s been more relaxed, and I’ve been able to fall asleep more quickly, with less fidgeting

  3. Stanford

    I purchased this product to help get rid of anxiety. I take this daily along with lemon balm and some amino acids. I also noticed that it curbed my appitite a little, just an added bonus. If you don’t notice anything right away you may not be taking enough.

  4. Rodriguez

    I purchased this product to help regulate my hypertension and it has been a regular additive to my morning smoothie since October 2018. I was able to purchase it using the subscription but cancelled the subscription due to the excessive amount of product. However, it would be nice to be able to obtain the one pound bag through a subscription. I did NOT have any bugs in my Ashwaghandha, and it has been beneficial in helping me to lower my blood pressure. I would highly recommend this product.

  5. Edward B.

    I use the powder every morning in my tea. My mood is lifted throughout the day. I will continue to use it. Thank you

  6. Hitchcock

    liked it blended well.

  7. Mark Wigginton

    I add this to my smoothie every morning. It has an amazing clean energy to it, and also a very wonderful calming affect. So I get a good energy without the jitteriness of caffeine

  8. Schlosser

    It helped me with anxiety to the point I don’t need prescribed medecine. I strongly recommend that you google the many benefits it provides

  9. Penny

    Product is really of a high quality and purity. I have bought Ashwagandha from other sellers but it’s not as of a good quality as this seller. Highly recommended. I add a little bit of it to my Coffee Latte every morning and it really increased my energy and decreased anxiety through out the day.
    Ashwagandha because an important part of my daily routine.

  10. Jean S.

    Seems to be very good quality; produces the effect I would expect. Also, I had purchased this in the past and since that time, they’ve upgraded the packaging, potentially to help the product maintain freshness. Now it comes in a solid outer pouch (vs. solid on one side and clear plastic on the other) and within the outer pouch was a smaller, sealed aluminum pouch.

  11. Gerald

    The Ashwagandha herb has many positive benefits. Most important for me is its abilities to significantly reduce cortisol concentrations and the immunosuppressive effect of stress.

  12. Rodriguez

    Mixed with some water and chugged down quick, this is another favorite herb of mine. Helps me stay focused and relaxed but depending on my actions (working hard, or resting in) it doesn’t cause me react inappropriately. I love herbs that don’t drowse me during the day or keep me up all night. Ashwanganda is lovely for health, mental and physical!

  13. James M.

    I have noticed that since taking it, in times of stress I’ve been more calm and relaxed! I will take this the rest of my life and recommend it to others who want the help.

  14. Franco

    I am very pleased with this product. Tastes a bit like chocolate to me. I feel less stressed when I take this. I have read that Ashwaghanda lowers cortisol levels. I trust this brand to be pure. I will buy this again.

  15. Ernestine R.

    KOS is one of my favorite companies right now. High quality products with excellent value. I take this ashwagandha twice a day and can tell it’s helped me with stress.

  16. Augusta W.

    Love Ashwaghanda! This is a good brand. I don’t know how it tastes because I capsule it in gelatin capsules. . It is wonderful for recovering your immune system after illness. Google Ashwaghanda benefits and read it for yourself.

  17. Roger

    My mom was having hallucinations at night, little people, wild animals, the room was changing – all things that were real to her. I give her 8 drops of Ashwagandha extract that I put into a shot glass with a tablespoon of water.

    I get the organic extract at Whole Foods, Herb-Pharm brand works best. I started her off with a few drops and added drops each night until she began sleeping through the night. My mom is able to distinguish between her dreams and reality.

  18. Kappler

    I make my own capsules with this powder and it works wonders for me. My experience is that you have to take it for a bit to feel the effects of it, and I do. I am happy that I can purchase a product that is organic.

  19. Evan D.

    The item is as advertised. Just be aware it has an awful flavor. Because it was expected, and the item was used as instructed, and I felt it did what I wanted, I gave it five stars.

  20. Heckel

    This product is known for eliminating stress and calming ones mind. My mom has stage 4 lung cancer and I put this powder in my moms green shakes. Tastes great and little to no flavor alone.

  21. Florence

    I have anxiety. My number one reason for reaching out to change it is because I would get super stressed out with my four kids every single day. I had to change something. I am very into Dr Axe and what he suggests and previously started Bone broth which has helped me immensely in other areas. However he suggests ashwagandha for anxiety and oh my god it’s the biggest life saver.

    I don’t have elevated heart rate and I don’t feel frustrated with my kids. I can remain calm and give them the love that they need. There are 457 servings in a container which is more than enough to last me 6 months. I am also going to take some to my dad to help his hypo thyroid issues so maybe he can come off his pharmaceutical meds. Thank you Terrasoul!

  22. Bryant

    Product was recommended by my physician to help with anxiety and sleep problems. Even though it doesn’t taste great I stuck with it been using it for close to 2 months now and will definitely continue using it. Since starting it I have slept through the night (no more waking up due to hot flashes) and my anxiety has lessened in severity.

  23. Vanessa T. Jackson

    This amazing organic herb provides increase my energy levels, reduces my stress and anxiety throughout my day. Highly recommended.

  24. Johnson

    I read about this supplement in a book I was reading so I thought I would give it a try. It adds a slight flavor to my coffee that I enjoy but it’s hard to describe what that flavor is. It just tastes like it belongs there. I feel like the supplement is doing what it’s intending and I’m very pleased with it so far.

  25. Morales

    This one, granted, smells a bit like the equine hair mixed with the leather cheerio. It is ground from the plant that grows native to India sub-Continent and al-Maghreb. But this one here is fresh, and good. It takes only the teaspoon of such powder to restore vitality. This one causes the heart to expand in multifaceted manners. It is rich. Because of the horse-smell, this root-powder gives the strength of stallion. Must recommend because of freshness and extract-potency.

  26. James

    his powder reeks and I was really concerned with putting it even closer to my nose to take a swig but it was manageable and gets a little more so every day. Luckily, with the results the 10 seconds of misery has been totally worth it.

  27. Shirley

    I have been taking this product for around 5 years now. I have had minor allergic reactions to other brands. This is a quality I can count on.

  28. Franco

    Been adding this to my 3 year olds feeds for a couple months now and it definitely seems to be helping her anxiety! She has Rett Syndrome and I’m ways looking for natural ways to help her. We love KOS naturals pantry items.

  29. Vanessa T. Jackson

    I’ve bought this 4 times and I love it!! I take a few teaspoons of it as soon as I start feeling a little sick and it knocks whatever I have out of my system after a goodnight’s sleep. I suggest adding it to warm soy milk or anything with a vanilla flavor and sweeten it with lots of honey to mask the bitter flavor. Use a blender or hand mixer to mix it in or you’ll get clumps

  30. Marsha

    I used to take Ashwagandha capsules (another brand), and they worked wonders for me as far as increasing my energy and overall feeling of wellness. I started looking around at buying Ashwagandha powder in bulk, figuring it would probably be less expensive, which I found it was. I decided to give this brand a try, and I’m really glad I did! I’ve been using it for several weeks now, and I love the way it makes me feel! I have only good things to say about this brand. They are organic, which is very important to me, and the quality is exceptional.

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