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There’s currently a switch towards recreational drugs, with users in different locations taking very little psychedelics like magic mushrooms. The aim is to improve mental health and promote wellbeing.  You might want to think of trippy visuals and vibrant colors when you hear magic mushrooms, but research indicates the presence of psychedelics that can improve […]

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Psilocybin and Breastfeeding The word “psychedelics” typically conjures an image of an extensive trip accompanied by powerful hallucinations, but contrary to popular belief, microdosing in today’s age is a lot different than that. Today, psychedelics are no longer confined to hippies and experimental 20-year-olds, as parents are beginning to discover the secret joys of psychedelic […]

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The benefits of microdosing typically last for 2-3 days, although some people report they feel more creative and focused for up to a week after.

Although dosing schedules are different for each person, the most common one that people use in Silicon Valley involves taking magic truffles or another psychedelic every three or four days.

After that, they’ll continue to take a microdose every third or fourth day for up to two months. A break is sometimes necessary to reduce the body’s resiliency to the substance, typically lasting two to four weeks.

Then the Silicon Valley employee will resume their dosing schedule.

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