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Mushrooms as solution to depression? Written by a href=””>Joseph Santiago

It is estimated that as many as 264 million people worldwide are affected by depression, not to mention the countless other mental health issues relating to depression.

If you’ve ever suffered from depression, you certainly won’t need anybody to tell you how debilitating it can be. For those plagued by depression, even something as seemingly trivial as getting out of bed in the morning, or taking a shower, can feel like a monumental task.

Depression can literally destroy lives, and as people still consider mental health issues such as taboo subjects, many people sadly choose to suffer in silence rather than seeking help.

There are several viable treatment options for depression, including things like exercise, healthy living, and prescription medications in the form of antidepressants.

Recently, however, experts have been studying psychedelic ingredients such as magic mushrooms, because of the Psilocybin they contain, and the results have been promising.

The dangers of prescription antidepressant drugs

When people visit their doctor to seek help for the depression they’re suffering from, the doctor will prescribe medicines such as ‘Prozac’ before even listening to you speak.

Prozac and similar antidepressants help boost serotonin levels in the brain to improve mood, but they don’t always work for everybody, and they provide some genuinely horrific side effects.

People taking drugs such as Prozac often experience insomnia, an elevated heartbeat, suppressed libido, and believe it or not, suicidal thoughts and tendencies. That’s right, a drug designed to treat depression and make you feel better can cause you to want to take your own life.

This is not good for anybody, and as a result, alternative treatments are being looked for.

Psychedelic drugs and compounds are being explored as a safer alternative.

Magic mushrooms for depression

In contrast to prescription drugs, psychedelic drugs such as magic mushrooms alter brain function quickly. In theory, because of this, they could treat patients suffering from depression with just a few doses when used in conjunction with therapy.

Research is still in its infancy stage, but early findings are positive, and experts believe that they can also be used to treat conditions such as OCD, addiction, anxiety, and more.

How do they work?

Magic mushrooms contain a compound known as Psilocybin, a psychedelic compound found in more than 200 types of fungi.

Psilocybin works by loosening the deeply rooted patterns of behavior and thinking associated with mental health disorders.

According to findings by King’s College, London, Psilocybin could help to ease and calm the parts of the brain which are responsible for controlling these behaviors, and subsequently, old patterns will fade or change entirely.

Those who came down from the high found that they had new insights on life and altered their perspectives on their problems. After being injected with Psilocybin, volunteers found that parts of the brain responsible for emotional thinking became a great deal more active. Not only that, but the reflective, self-conscious part of the brain became less active.

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