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Liesbet Jorissen


Good customer service! Very helpful and quick with answers. This way you can start microdosing without hesitation. Fast delivery and quality products!


Jihane Ruts 


Super fast delivery and top quality!! I thought it was exciting to start with micro-dosing, but thanks to the good explanation of the customer service, I started with peace of mind and I really liked it. Normally I always suffer from a winter dip, but luckily I skipped it this year. Really recommended!!


Liesbeth Jorissen


Recently started microdosing. It took a while to find the right dose, but it has been a very interesting process. From tired and relaxed to energetic and creative. Nice experience. Very clear webshop and fast delivery. Fan. 😉


Naomi Meijer


Regular customer at Microdose Bro.

In many cases, the goal of microdosing is to increase productivity and creativity in daily life, reduce feelings of depression or stimulate energy levels.

Research shows that people who do microdosing experience improved creativity, improved emotional well-being and better daily functionality.

Joseph is a super nice sweet man who knows a lot about his products.
He is always ready to explain everything clearly.
Best truffles in the game!


Steven Brok


If you need a creative focus and some more euphoria in this difficult Covid period, try the Lions mane or truffles.
I have to write a lot of lyrics these times and work very well. Of course I feel very good about it and can recommend it to anyone who experiences these times as difficult. I live in Utrecht and the owner came to deliver it himself. Super nice and friendly dude 🙂


Jesse Oost


If you are interested in self-development, mental calm processing processes or if you suffer from certain disorders that you want to solve in a natural way, I especially recommend microdose psychedelic mushrooms from microdose brittle, because:

I came into contact with microbros a while ago through instagram. Because I am integrated in my conscious and subconscious brain, my feelings, emotions and self-development, we got in touch. Microdose bros are two super friendly people from New York who came to live in the Netherlands and want to share the amazing effects of psychedelic mushrooms and in particular the microdosing of it with everyone.

I have been looking for a while for a natural tool that stimulates my conscious and subconscious mind and allows me to develop further as a person.

Because it is quite a big step to start with this. I did a thorough research first and asked for information. I always had the feeling that it hindered my daily activities, but the opposite is true. I have not yet taken the step to start with it, but after all the explanation of microdose I made a decision!

Despite the fact that I have not purchased anything from them yet, I am in regular contact with them. Microdosebros always takes the time to inform and advise me on various areas. They also tell me the pros and cons on various points. Microdose bros helps you with a dosing schedule, they tell you how the mushrooms work, what to expect and how to handle them in a sensible way. This way you are not alone and in particular you will receive all the guidance you need.

They are very friendly and give you all the explanations you need regarding the correct dosage without feeling anything visually or physically. That is the purpose of a micro dosage, to reap the benefits without getting “high”.

All information about microdoses and psychedelic mushrooms can be found on their instagram page microdosebros here you can contact them to ask your questions! Just like I did! They share investigations and experiences daily in their story, their following is worth it! Good luck


Isis van den berg


I am very satisfied with microdosebros!
It is a nice webshop, with beautiful products.
I can recommend everyone to shop at microdosebros!


Victor Sebola


I got my package today. Thanks MB Superfoods for speedy and discreet delivery. much love…


Chance McGee


Ordering online was quite easy. I had a small problem with the delivery, but it turned out to be something minor and not related to the seller. I was able to talk to someone through the WhatsApp link on their website and they seemed very friendly. The quality of the product is good. My first time trying something like this, and it was presented in a pretty nice way. But not quite 5 stars, I would give them 4.5 stars just because the website could have been a bit clear on how to microdos, I had to google a lot myself and ask friends for advice.


Magic Minds Podcast


I highly recommend Microdose bros. They are super helpful in delivering and sharing their knowledge and information. I have ordered several products and I am super excited to try. They will no doubt be amazing, so I’ll be back to leave another review. 🤩🤩🤩🤩


James Lawrence


Fast and friendly service. Great customer service with knowledge staff. Recommend the lion’s mane powder. The highest quality I have found. Great for mental development and well-being. 10/10




Excellent customer service and even better products. The first time in my life I found my flow state, about 3 weeks in. Definitely recommend and encourage discussion with them if you have any questions. 🙏🙂


Daniel Haas


tried microdosing truffles for the first time and really liked it. I am a musician and artist and I already feel an increase in focus and creativity. Microdose Bros offers high quality products, fast delivery and excellent customer service.


Sara Pintus


I am a new customer at MicrodoseBros. They have great products and great customer service. I highly recommend this to all friends and family. You can tell this company really cares.


Bianca Lokway


I am so thankful for this great company. I can’t recommend it more highly, the philosophy and products are really high quality and resonate so much that I. There is so much care and good intention behind it. If you want to start your journey to microdosing, this is a safe place to be.