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Microdosing manual: Everything you need to know about microdosing with Magic Truffles. Magic truffles are sometimes placed in the same category as psilocybin mushrooms. In reality hey are actually the sclerotia though. Sclerotia are the roots, sort to say, of the mushroom. It is a compact and hardened mass of fungal mycelium that contains the food reserves for mushroom growth. Because sclerotia are rich in emergency supplies for fungal growth, they contain an abundant supply of psilocybin that makes truffles perfect for use in microdosing.

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Anxiety Treatment by Microdosing Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental health concerns that people face globally. About 25 million people live with this condition each year, representing approximately 5.4% of the population. Mental health disorders happen at the highest rates in Finland, France, Ireland, and the Netherlands. Each country has rates of […]

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Bad Trips: Why Do People Have Them? One thing that scares people from psychedelics and other similar substances is the possibility of a bad trip. From a broader perspective, psychedelic substances truly have the potential to give different experiences. This includes emotional, cognitive, and physical experiences.  Psychedelic substances are everywhere, and there’s nothing wrong in […]

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